There are different ways you can provide sponsorhip.
Sponsor a cat

One of the most rewarding ways you can help the Society is by sponsoring a cat through our Sponsorship Programme.


The Society has in its care, a group of cats that otherwise would have nowhere else to go. Some of these cats are not available for adoption because they require long-term medication, or as a result of a traumatic past life prior to coming to the shelter, are too timid to socialise with humans. For these cats, the shelter is now their home.

Cats in our permanent care:  Bixley - b/w (M); Eden - dk tabby/w (F);  Mitzi - dark torti (F); Possum - grey/tabby (M);

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, or want more information, email us:

Sponsor an apartment

The Society has 16 Apartments that are used to house our short term residents while waiting for their new "furever" homes.

A suggested monthly donation of $20 - $30 would be a great help towards the cost of food, medicine and vet costs for those cats that stay in the apartments, or if it is more suitable an annual one off donation is always appreciated.


Your name would be displayed on the apartment you are sponsoring.


We currently have 10 apartments looking for sponsorship.  Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or would like further information, email us:

Sponsor equipment

The hireage of equipment and major maintenance work is a cost we are always looking at reducing. 

We are looking for sponsors for the following:

        2 x Rubbish Wheelie Bin - bin cost $350 per year

Is your company interested in sponsoring one of these Rubbish Wheelie Bins?  If so please get in touch, email us:

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