Please be aware that you must visit the shelter personally before adopting any animal. If you'd like a companion for a rabbit you already have, bring your rabbit in for a compatibility introduction. Chemistry is important for bunnies.

Benjamin (M) - REHOMED 14/12
My name is Benjamin, but you can call me Ben, and I am a 2 year old (handsome) brown and black bunny.

I was found wandering by the Upper Hutt library on 22 December 2016.

I am in a foster home for some special love and attention. My foster mum says I have a quiet nature and love to snuggle and get pats. I also like to climb up on shoulders. I am very clean and keep my litter tray and hay very tidy.

I would so love to be part of a family. You can view me at my foster home in Kelson.
Ghost (M) - REHOMED 14/12
My name is Ghost and I have an amazing white and soft grey silky coat.

I was born August 2016 and rescued by a kind neighbour who saw that I was being neglected and was starving and have been at the Society since 25 March 2017.

The humans say I am very rumbustious, active and interested in my surroundings.

I want a forever home that provides me with a bigger area to explore and play, and have my own human who can provide cuddles all the time.

You can view me at my foster home in Kelson.
Spot (M) - REHOMED
My name is Spot and I am a seal point top. I have not quite reached my first birthday.

I am told I am a handsome boy with my cream coat with dark points. Just look at my photo!!

I love to lay on your chest and have lots of cuddles.

I was very good at my foster home and used my litter tray all the time. I also like to reorganise my cage shredding newspaper – just so…. I have always been an indoor rabbit and would like to continue this.

Come up and see how handsome I am.
Turtle (M) - REHOMED
Hi, my name is Turtle and I am a gorgeous Ginger, brown and white boy – if I say so myself.

I was born August 2016 and was rescued by a kind neighbour on 25 March 2017 who saw that I was being neglected and starving.

I love being active and love to play.

I am in a foster home and I am seeing what a kind human home environment is like and I love it.

Come and see me at my foster home in Waterloo. I am available now for adoption and ready to be with my forever people.
Marceau (F) - REHOMED
My name is Marceau and I was pregnant when I was rescued by the Society. I had 7 babies and have a pretty grey and white coat which is silky to pat.

I am being fostered in Timberlea to remind me what a nice home environment is like.

My human says I am a peaceful and gentle girl. I like being patted and like to give kisses when being cuddled. I enjoy both indoors and outdoors. When I am let outside I am happy to meander quietly.

Please come and visit me. I am available now for adoption.
Frodo (M) - REHOMED 4/12
My name is Frodo and I was fostered for a while - but now reside back at the Haven.
I loved being in a proper home environment and would love a forever home.

I am very friendly and adventurous and love to play. I like cuddles and I really enjoy playing outside and inside - why wouldn’t I – everything is an adventure.

I was born on 12 March 2017 which makes me a Pisces.

If you think that we would be great together, please come and visit me at the Haven.
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