Helpful tips and links

We've found some good places to look if your cat goes missing. A microchip and an ID collar will reunite you and your cat much quicker so talk to your vet at your next appointment about registering with the NZ Companion Animal Register.

1. Contact vet clinics in your area.

2. Create a simple flyer with a good photo of your pet and pop one in every letterbox around your neighbourhood.

3. If you have recently moved house, your cat may be trying to get home to your old place.

4. Place your cat's bedding outside so she can pick up her scent and find her way home.

5. Come to Animal Rescue and look in all the cages.

6. Contact Cats Protection League and SPCA.

7. Post on petsonthenet 

8. Post on our Facebook page

9. Post on Wellington Lost & Found Pets NZ

10. Post on Lost Pet Finders

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